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Flavors, Icings, and Fillings

I offer many types and combinatons of cake flavors, icings, and fillings to customize your cake to match your desires.

All of these are available as traditional cakes, as well as cupcakes, gluten free cakes, and eggless cakes. For more detailed information, please contact me by phone or e-mail.


Chocolate Cake:
Rich, delicious, and moist chocolate cake. Available with chocolate mousse filling.

White Chocolate Cake:
This cake offers the double advantage of velvety, melt in the mouth texture. This special flavor blends well with raspberry, strawberry, lemon or white chocolate buttercream fillings.

Strawberry Cake:
Moist and pretty pink cake with fresh berries and filled with fresh strawberry buttercream filling.

Banana Almond Cake:
This is a moist and very tasty cake that can be filled with chocolate buttercream or caramel.

Carrot Cake:
A very moist and delicious cake, especially with cream cheese filling and white chocolate cream cheese icing.

Mocha Chiffon Cake:
Moist, light as a feather, and flavored with coffee and chocolate. Filled with mocha buttercream with a touch of amaretto or hazelnut.

Pineapple-Orange Chiffon Cake:
Moist and light, but with a distinctive fruity taste.

Lemon Chiffon Cake:
Moist and light, terrific with lemon curd filling.

Spice Cake:
Light, tasty cake with cinnamon and allspice. It is delicious if you fill it with lemon-lime or apricot buttercream.

Chocolate Sour Cream Pound Cake:
Richly dense chocolate filled with chocolate ganache.

Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake:
Rich, buttery, and moist with the creamy flavor of cheesecake.

French Vanilla Cake:
A very moist and delicious cake with real vanilla flavor

Tiramisu Cake:
Italian cake that will melt in your mouth, filled with mascarpone cream and very delicious. Bon appetito!

White Chocolate Chiffon Cake
A very light cake with a white chocolate flavor and a fluffy texture.

Chocolate Chiffon Cake
A very light and fluffy cake with a chocolate flavor.

Strawberry Chiffon Cake
Light chiffon cake with real strawberry flavor and color

Red Velvet Cake
A rich and sweet chocolate cake, with a distinctive reddish coloring Filled with a cream cheese filling

Mango Cake
Very light cake flavored with mango.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake
Chocolate cake with peanut butter cream filling.

Peanut Butter Cake
Cake with real peanut butter flavor. Very moist and delicious

Marble Chiffon Cake


Italian Meringue, Caramel, Coconut, Honey, or Maple Buttercream:
This elegant, light texture buttercream is not too sweet, holds up well in hot weather and will take any type of flavoring.

This icing is pure white and very smooth

Whipped Cream:
A well-known and favorite of many, this type of frosting surprises many and delight all but is not intended for warmer weather.

White Chocolate Cream Cheese:
Used for cheesecake, carrot cake, and pumpkin cake.


Classic French Buttercream:
This filling can take lemon, apricot, pineapple, orange, chocolate or fresh berry flavor.

Lemon Curd Buttercream:
Rich and intense in flavor.

Espresso Buttercream:
Coffee-flavored buttercream has a gorgeous café au lait color.

Chocolate Ganache:
A mixture of chocolate and heavy cream -- very delicious!

This delicious filling tastes like a decadent truffle candy.

Chocolate or Raspberry Mousse:
Delicious European mousse.